Execution of work in confined spaces
no staff access

Robotic cleaning of
tanks, reactors, autoclaves and columns

There are many companies that have tanks, reactors and columns to carry out maintenance tasks. Depending on the production process and its characteristics, this type of robotic cleaning can be more or less complex. The common denominator of this equipment is that they are confined spaces and in many cases with toxic products.

The cleaning performance for each of these equipment will vary depending on the following characteristics:

  • Position of the equipment
  • Internal morphology (filters, paddles, divisions, plates, drawers)
  • Dimensions of the equipment
  • Stored product
  • Access points

Depending on all these characteristics, the equipment and accessories to be used are adapted, but always with the aim of preventing any person from accessing confined spaces. The most commonly used accessory in these cases is a rotating head that allows water to be propelled through 360º.

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Industrial cleaning company
Industrial cleaning company

Advantages of cleanings
of tanks, tanks, reactors, autoclaves and columns

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Selection of the most advantageous execution

Wide range of accessories and equipment

Work safety

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Icono blanco trabajamos para administración publica

Public Administrations

A market that requires constant maintenance work to operate correctly.

Icono blanco trabajamos para la industria automovilística

Automotive Industry

A market with tight requirements for execution times and quality: two of our company’s cornerstones.

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Home Owners’ Associations and Individuals

We use modern, specialized equipment for all types of services and all types of customers.

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Pharmaceutical industry

A sector that is highly modernized technologically, with demanding quality and safety expectations and requiring highly specialized solutions: a perfect match with Lagupres’s DNA.

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Food Industry

A highly specialized and technologically modern sector with demanding quality requirements: a perfect target for Lagupres.

Icono blanco trabajamos para la industria energética

Energy Industry

A market where equipment performance is essential to earning maximum profit. We help to achieve the best result. We help to achieve the best result.

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Naval Industry

The elimination of surface coatings, the elimination of rust and coatings on internal parts and the cleaning of ship holds, among others.

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Paper Industry

The generation of paper pulp, the final finish of paper and cardboard cutting and folding are activities that generate a large amount of waste, where we can help.

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Petrochemical Industry

This is the sector where we started and which has seen us grow, and it is where we have specialized, modernized technologically and differentiated ourselves.

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Public Works

A market that can take advantage of the machinery and technical improvements developed in the petrochemical industry.

Icono blanco trabajamos para la industria siderúrgica

Steel Industry and Metal Processing Companies

A market with high-density residue that we can dry vacuum.

Appropriate measurements are taken in confined spaces, in order to adapt the PPE and materials, if access is unavoidable. We have the capacity / training to work in an inert atmosphere.