Our main market,
our natural habitat


The Petrochemical Industry is the sector where we started and which has seen us grow, and it is where we have specialized, modernized technologically and differentiated ourselves.

For Lagupres, the petrochemical industry has always been our natural market. Due to the complexity inherent in this sector, concepts such as safety, quality, technological modernization, continuous improvement, innovation and process automation have been our objective and are the basis of how we work.

Consequently, Lagupres has succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies on the Iberian peninsula.

Industrial cleaning company
Industrial cleaning company
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Services that we offer for
Petrochemical Industry

These are the services that we currently provide in this market.

Advantages of
work with us

Modern machinery and equipment
Equipment with the latest safety systems
Diverse and specialized accessories.
Modernization of the work.
Solutions to complex jobs.
Robotic and safe execution.
Analysis and priorpreparation capability.
We analyse all the facets of every special job so that we can propose and develop the safest and most effective option.