Power generation requires
the highest efficiency


At all power generation facilities where combined fossil fuels are used and where there are temperature differences in their processes, there is a large build-up deposits that are especially complicated to clean in the steam generators, heat exchangers, pipes, etc

Industrial cleaning company
Industrial cleaning company
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Services that we offer for
Energy plants

At Lagupres, as a result of our experience in the petrochemical sector and our continuous desire to innovate and adapt and to continuously learn and develop, we perform very sophisticated industrial cleaning, for which we use machinery that is highly developed technologically, while always prioritising safety and quality during execution of the service.

Advantages of
work with us

Robotic and technologically developed machinery and equipment

Equipment with the latest safety systems incorporated

Diverse and specialized accessories.

Modernization of work processes

Solutions to complex jobs.

Robotic and safe execution.

Analysis and priorpreparation capability.

We analyse every special job in detail to provide the best solution, safely and efficiently.