Hygiene, Safety and Quality
Basic concepts for this sector


In the pharmaceutical industry, where the risk associated with the existence of any cross contamination must be avoided, Lagupres contributes its knowledge, protocols and, above all, its quality in industrial cleaning services, with the objective of meeting the high level of requirements in this sector.

Industrial cleaning company
Industrial cleaning company
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Services that we offer for
Pharmaceutical industry

For the work we perform in the pharmaceutical industry, at Lagupres we have specific equipment and accessories that are dedicated exclusively to this sector in order to prevent cross contamination. We provide cleaning certificates for not only our equipment and tools before being used, but also for the work performed on the equipment of our customers.

Advantages of
work with us

Specific execution procedures.

Contribution of cleaning certificates
Teams with high security systems.
Diverse and specialized accessories.
Modernization of the work.
Safety and Quality are our highest priority. We can help you