Leaders in Spain in industrial cleaning services
services and the replacement of catalysts

in industrial cleaning

We began our business project in 2004 by providing basic industrial cleaning services in business locations of Tarragona and Barcelona. Following our innovative spirit, we grew and expanded our area of action to the entire Iberian Peninsula, while diversifying the portfolio of services that we offer to our customers. We are committed to investing in new technology in order to improve on-the-job safety, quality and performance.

Currently with a staff of 100 people, we are leaders on the Iberian Peninsula and a benchmark in Europe, where, little by little, we are gaining in market share.

And maintaining our initial philosophy, our mind is open mind to continuing to evolve technologically, and we are open to the world.

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Statement of
mission, vision and values

Since the beginning of Lagupres, we have always been clear about our mission, vision and values. These points are the key to directing our strategy towards the future.

What is our mission
in the market?

To provide the best personalised service to our customers, maximising safety, technological innovation and always respecting the environment.

What is our vision
for the future?

To be the benchmark in the wide range of Industrial Cleaning and Catalyst Loading and Removal.

To achieve this, we are committed to: continuous technological innovation, optimum internal organisation and an
impeccable corporate image. This is the only way to achieve maximum reliability in the performance of our services for our customers.

But all this will only be possible if we achieve the right economic profitability to advance in our project.

Lagupres graphics
Lagupres graphics

What are our values?

With the customer
Commitment to what we do, reliability of our services, flexibility and speed in planning and unforeseen events.

With innovation
Being proactive towards technological improvement, encouraging the initiative of our departmental leaders to find technical solutions to our customers’ problems.

With people
Promoting a culture of prevention – our basic pillar of respect for the lives of our employees. Balance in the diversity of the people who make up our team. Teamwork. Professional development


Quality and











As a company that makes use of one of the most precious natural resources for all and longed for by many, water, our commitment to the environment is almost mandatory.

That is why we are sharing the following document to make known Lagupres’ commitment to the environment and how it is applied in its day-to-day work.


Quality, prevention and environmental policy

Corporate responsibility policy

Alcohol and Drug Policy

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 quality certifications

Robotisation Policy