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Concrete structures may be repaired using high-energy ultrahigh pressure (700 HP) equipment. Operations involve the use of robotic machinery.

The main advantage of using this equipment is the elimination of vibrations that spread throughout the structure, and the consequent formation of micro cracks. Moreover, it does not damage the structure, removes corrosive rust, and prevents damage to the armour. Another advantage of hydrodemolition is that it allows for selective repair work. The concrete is therefore removed and the armour left without damaging it.

The use of hydraulic hammers to repair concrete structures has other disadvantages:

  • They may damage the armour.
  • They do not remove the rust and corrosion from the armour.
  • It is a slow process.
  • It does not create a good bond between the new and old concrete.


From an environmental and safety standpoint, hydrodemolition is less aggressive to the environment and safer for operators. Hydrodemolition does not generate dust. Operators may monitor the process from a remote control room.

Hydrodemolition equipment consists in high-powered high-pressure equipment, coupled to a robot. We have a wide range of robots of different sizes and accessories to work in different positions (ground, walls, and roofs, etc.)

The most common hydrodemolition repair jobs are performed on bridges or in the reconstruction of tunnels and galleries.

Some of the applications are:

  • Bridges (repair of panels, pillars and seal cleaning).
  • Docks and piers.
  • PDams and hydroelectric power plants.
  • Tunnels.
  • Car parks.
  • Foundations.


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