The use of high-pressure water and to vacuum sludge removal for cleaning industrial installations.

The broad range of services required by industry, particularly at primary petrochemical plants, has prompted the development of diverse equipment and accessories for each individual application.




LAGUPRES offers the following high-pressure and high-vacuum combination truck with EC certification, and:

  • ADR approval for the transport of hazardous waste.
  • Pressure pumps equipped with automatic shut-off system and remote control.
  • Pressure pumps up to 650 HP.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps of up to 2,700 m3/h.
  • ATEX approved equipment to work in classified areas.



  • Portable explosion and gas analysers.
  • Robotised cleaning heads (1,000 bar)
  • Special chemical suits for handling toxic and hazardous products (acids and corrosives).
  • Breathing equipment.
  • Escape and rescue equipment.
  • Lighting 24 V, 500 W.


The follow list includes some of services we provide to industry:

  • Cleaning and gas freeing of diesel, fuel, gasoline and all kinds of hydrocarbon storage tanks.
  • Cleaning of confined spaces with rotating cleaning heads (up to 1,500 bar).
  • Cleaning of furnaces: convection and radiation zones.
  • Boiler cleaning.
  • Cleaning of product pipelines.
  • Hydraulic tests.
  • Sludge removal with high vacuum liquid ring pumps.
  • Positive displacement pumps.
  • Corrective and preventive treatment of Legionella.
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers with rotating and high-pressure nozzles. Non-return devices for rotating lance equipment.
  • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) equipment of over 2,500 bar, for reactors and autoclave cleaning.
  • Waste Transport, up to 20 m3, ADR-approved and certified.