LAGUPRES is a leading industrial cleaning company that provides services to petrochemical, refining, paper, cement, energy, and construction companies and to councils.

LAGUPRES was created to develop and modernise industrial cleaning with a view to providing better service, both in high-pressure water and in chemical cleaning, and to offering the best environmental and waste handling solutions.

The project developers have proven experience in these services and great interest in new technologies and innovation. These factors together make LAGUPRES a leader in providing new solutions for which concepts such as reducing time in job performance, replacing people by robots, and minimizing the generation of waste are key to the daily running of the company.

This innovative spirit prompted us to create our own brand with the name of LAGUPRES High Efficiency with which to provide services using the latest robotics machinery technology, all with a view to maximizing efficiency and ensuring a safe working environment.

LAGUPRES has its own engineering department to design machinery, accessories and high-power equipment, and to provide technical support in order to meet customer requirements.

ISO 9001   ISO 14001  

OHSAS 18001


New generation technology in equipment and accessories to guarantee top-quality services.

We have a dedicated team of engineers, sales technicians, and chemists, who provide direct technical support to customers and monitor all the phases of job performance.

Quality and prevention
We are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, and OHSAS 18001:2007 with a view to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.
This integrated management system helps to prevent occupational hazards for workers and to provide customers with the best service.

We are committed to offering the best industrial cleaning and waste services in the strictest compliance with the legal framework.

Our strength lies in our work team. Our staff has the capacity and skills to perform services expertly and at maximum speed.

We have a continuous training programme to optimise our technical and human resources.

Our commitment to the environment is a key point of our corporate policy. We integrate environmental criteria into our working procedures in compliance with effective legislation before, during and after the performance of services.
Our comprehensive management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2004.

Our excellence is founded upon the five following values: innovation, quality, environment, safety and occupational health.

Cost reduction
Thanks to team efficiency and the latest generation of equipment and machinery, we can perform services quickly and efficiently and are able to minimise downtime and therefore reduce costs for our customers.