Cleaning of sewage and water treatment plants

LAGUPRES provides differentiated technological solutions, both for cleaning and inspection. The services we provide include:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of sewage systems.
  • Access measurements with portable gas analysers (O 2, CO, SH2)..
  • Cleaning of ponds, wells, digesters, clarifiers and pump stations.
  • Inspection of large diameter sewage pipes.
  • Inspection of sewer networks with automatic camera equipment.
  • Leakage tests.
  • Vacuuming of sand and other sediments in sewage pipes.
  • Maintenance of municipal sewer systems.


Special equipment

LAGUPRES has constructed special equipment to provide better service in the cleaning and maintenance of sewage systems:

  • Compact, low tonnage, and high mobility equipment for cleaning narrow streets and difficult-to-access areas, particularly suitable for working in town squares and pedestrian streets.
  • Water RECYCLING equipment, working with sewage water (without potable water consumption). This is a fundamental environmental aspect in times of drought.
  • Equipment for cleaning streets and council buildings (floors, monuments, facades, graffiti, and chewing gum, etc

Lagrupres sewerage
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